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Re: Including Debug Info in Stacktrace

Looks like it could work-man what a find if it works. Will try that tomorrow. Thanks Alex!


On Mar 22, 2018, at 2:44 PM, Alex Harui <aharui@xxxxxxxxx.INVALID> wrote:

Hi Erik,

Don't know for sure.  Most internet searches say it isn't possible.

This post claims there is a way.


On 3/22/18, 11:29 AM, "Erik J. Thomas" <erik@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hey all:
> When interactively debugging an AIR mobile app when a runtime error
> occurs, Error.stackTrace includes file names and line numbers:
> Error: Test Error
>  at Function/()[*/.../src/Main.mxml:440*]
>  at 
> com.linqto.navcon.controller::RESTService/makeCallBack()[*/.../src/com/lin
> qto/navcon/controller/*]
>  at com.linqto.navcon.controller::RESTService/result()
> But running the app (run, or from a release build), Error.stackTrace no
> longer includes file names and line numbers:
> Error: Test Error
>  at Function/()
>  at com.linqto.navcon.controller::RESTService/makeCallBack()
>  at com.linqto.navcon.controller::RESTService/result()
> I am including debug=true in the compiler options file for mxmlc and it
> still does not generate a debug SWF:
> <flex-config>
>  <compiler>
>  ...
>     <debug>true</debug>
> </compiler>
>  <swf-version>38</swf-version>
>  <target-player>27.0</target-player>
> </flex-config>
> Information:[navcon]: mxmlc
> -load-config=/.../Library/Caches/IntelliJIdea2017.2/compile-server/navcon_
> 19ada740/_temp_/IntelliJ_IDEA/idea-1162E68-3020E7BE.xml
> -load-config=/.../navcon/compiler-options.xml
> Is there a way to include filenames and line numbers in a release build
> of an AIR mobile app?
> We are uploading the stacktrace to a server API which is why we need
> this. Without files and line numbers it's almost useless information. We
> fully understand the performance hit by doing this.
> Thanks!