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Re: [Demo] Font Awesome 5 with Apache Flex

Thanks Om and Justin,

after thinking about it a bit more and reading the license links I am not
sure if it is really a good idea to include FontAwesome5 by default within
the Flex SDK:

- We increase the SDK size which is probably not the interest of all users
- We maybe ran into license issues
- We only can ship the free version of FontAwesome5
- The usage of brand ions is unclear
- The usage of FontAwesome5 with Flex is pretty simple, even if it's not
part of the SDK

If we still want to include it (in that way that we store the .*otf font
files in our repo) I think we are save regarding license issues when we just
add a Readme to the project.
Flatspark just includes the SIL [1]. I am not sure if this is enough.

What do you think?



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