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Re: A page on confluence for who are committers etc

Hi James,

Thanks for a nice response...  which, I agree with you for most of your points.

a. Not sure the list of Committer is uptodate

b. I see the role was already written to individuals.. my request  therefore was for QA, developers, Reviewers, Changer Manager, Documentation was again to expose whom to be tagged for those kind of tasks/issues... so same page is actually enough if we add these roles... and below it become the list.... Indeed Committer themselves can opt which role they like to participate most.

Otherwise, I'm in alignment with your good responses.

The objective was for a new comer to settle faster....


On September 11, 2018 at 8:32 PM James Dailey <jamespdailey@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Sendoro - 

In principle, this is great - it would make the project more accessible.  When someone responds on list you'd have a sense of who they are and what they are expert in, and if you have a key question you could @keyPerson to bring it to their attention.  

However, I am worried about the overhead.  We already have, in this vein:  
which is quickly out of date, although we could do a review more often.  

which is a quarterly report.

3) Open Issues for both Fineract and Fineract-CN projects (currently at 378?? ) and in that list who is reporter and who is assignee. 

4) Inside Apache I believe that there are some analytic tools that can be used - perhaps they could be dynamically linked into one of the wiki pages (include<?>) ...which could help see who is submitting Pull Requests and who is active on this list?  Don't know if that would be useful but could try. 

5) Outside of the Apache infrastructure there are tracking tools we could potentially link to that would generate automatic reports on Contributors and code changes.  Prominent among them is  (historical aside, Mifos was a beta participant in ohloh open source project stats, which was acquired by openhub, so there is some history to using this, and it gives us favorable analysis compared to other Apache projects) 

So, I think we should consider what is already there and figure out if some sort of enhanced directory would be useful?  I would imagine something that links automatically to the jira tickets and other resources.  i.e.  so in one place you have the Committer name and a link to their PRs and a quick profile perhaps pulled from linked in or otherwise to keep it fresh.  We should explore what other projects do.  

Any Apache experts on list to comment?  


On Tue, Sep 11, 2018 at 10:08 AM Sendoro Juma <> wrote:

Hello Devs,

Yes, we  do announcement on who has become a committer etc. and we  send congratulates emails and after that all stay and left in mailing list in form of emails.

However, how can a new members know the committers and their roles easily by visiting Fineract Page?

I think a page in Fineract can help...

Will love also if roles can be indicated e.g. We have committers who are known to be great in Quality Assurance etc.

So it can look like below. Sorry with no number as can be considered as hierarchy





Quality Assurance




Release Management







Also... You can as well list module wise.... Etc

What is your view?

I recall saw one community with this... I forgotten it.




Sendoro Juma


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