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Code Committ Process for Fineract Committers

Hello all,

@Shruthi M R <shruthi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  was working with some of
the committers to get the recent self-service APIs she created merged into
the code base. Both @Nazeer Hussain Shaik <nazeerhussain.shaik@xxxxxxxxx>
  and @Nayan Ambali <nayan.ambali@xxxxxxxxx>  didn't think they had
permission to merge the code so I think there's confusion regarding the
code commit process for committers that I wanted to share on list.

Pull requests aren't actually merged through Github but rather through
Gitbox as described at

Necessary prerequisites for committers to have the above setup work is
being added to the Fineract committer roster, having your GitHub ID
associated with ASF ID, and 2FA enabled.

@Steve Conrad <sconrad1@xxxxxxxxx> , @Avik Ganguly
<avikganguly010@xxxxxxxxx>  could you give feedback to others as I know you
recently went through this process.

@Isaac Kamga <isaac.kamga@xxxxxxxxx> , @Santosh Math
<santosh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  - could you work on improving
documentation on Fineract to reflect this process for committers?

Would you also be able to try and merge these incoming pull requests? See
below: ------ Fineract -611 unable to
create share product  ------  Fineract- 628 Savings
account Api for Self Service App



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