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[ANNOUNCE] New Apache Fineract Committer Aleksandar Vidakovic

Hello Fineract community!

I'm happy to announce that Apache Fineract has a new committer.

Aleks has been a long-time member of the Mifos and Fineract community
dating back more than 5 years. He's deeply aware of all the intricacies of
Fineract 1.x from his work he's done on it. Most recently he mentored
Sanyam on his Swagger API documentation project and will be mentoring an
intern this year working on a chatbot that integrates with Fineract.

As a committer, he's eager to come on board and help the community in
getting its public demo infrastructure set up. So stay tuned for those

Congratulations Aleks! Thank you for your contributions, and thank
you for accepting our invitation!  We look forward to continuing to
work together with you.

Best Regards,

Ed Cable
Apche Fineract

P.S. Aleks, would you mind if we announce your committership on social
media? I couldn't find your user.