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Re: Project Documentations

Hi Sendoro

I’m actually involved in the OFBiz documentation effort  :-) and it was a community effort that helped put all this information together. Just for background – we have recently implemented a documentation framework within the OFBiz codebase itself based on asciidoc and then asked for volunteers from our user community to help work on it.

We are still trying out these processes and workflows to see how well (or not!) they work. For example new users that want to help write new documents might not feel confident enough with the system well so this is why we thought of the idea of having a documentation mentor to help them out.

Please feel free to use anything you think might be useful and let me know if you have any questions.


On 2018/05/03 15:16:18, Sendoro Juma <> wrote: 
> Hello Devs, 
> Does this look like a best practice to borrow leaf from for our projects? 
> Thanks 
> Sendoro