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Apache Fineract CN API Documentation

Hello everyone,

Trust that you're doing great and congratulations to our recently selected
GSoC 2018 students.

As you may have observed from Gitbox notifications, I have used the MockMvc
flavour of Spring Rest Docs <> to
document the APIs for most Fineract CN domain services viz identity,
office, customer, group, accounting, deposit, payroll and teller, created
and merged pull requests. There were failing tests in portfolio ( as I
earlier highlighted last week on the list ) and so snippets weren't
generated to be used for documentation.

After updating the affected repositories, you can view the documentation
for each of the services by opening the
service/src/doc/html5/html5/api-docs.html file.

I happily await your feedback and enhancements.

At Your Service,
Isaac Kamga.

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