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Re: Apache Fineract 1.x.x Release Management

Hi all, I think we need to get back on our toes and do things like we used
to do when this was still a Mifos X project. I remember in a day we could
merge up to 3 - 5 PRs and also add new features every fortnight or so. So i
think with much experience we have learnt over couple of years we can do
better and with much ease since we are so exposed to the API design and
implementations. So i will actively want to participate in review and merge
of PRs as in the above link now that Myrle Krantz has given us 'How to
merge PR in Fineract 1.x
which we didn't know previous.

@Ed, if you could point where the following PRs can be got for reviews:-


   The new feature(s) & bug fixes that have been developed so far by the
   core team
   - The new APIs that have been built by core team to enable GSOC
   - The pull requests and features that have been contributed by several
   partner organizations: BOWPI, R116, etc.

Ippez Roberts
Apache Committer

On Sun, Apr 22, 2018 at 5:58 PM, Sendoro Juma <> wrote:

> Devs/Ed,
> Are the date at clear close to reality?
> Look like there were confusion with release 1.1.0 dates... or am I getting
> it wrong?
> [
> 2.0+-+Apache+Fineract | Apache Fineract 1.2.0 ]
> [
> 3.0+-+Apache+Fineract | Apache Fineract 1.3.0 ]
> Even we missed plan for 1.1.0; But I think we can continuously improve!!!
> Regards
> Sendoro

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