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For new committers: how to merge a PR in Fineract 1x... and how to ask for help

Hey all,

It came up on the private list that our newest committers may not know
how to merge a Pull Request on the Fineract 1X git-wip.

Here are the instructions:

In the future, if you can't figure out how to do something, please ask
on the public list.
1.) It's likely you're not the only one struggling.  Others will
appreciate your courage and the information you elicit.  There's no
shame in not knowing; becoming a committer doesn't magically turn you
into an expert on Apache Infra.
2.) If you ask a single volunteer, that person may not know the
answer.  Even if they do, they could easily become overwhelmed.  If
you ask on the development list, the task of helping people get up to
speed can be spread out in the community or be picked up by those most
knowledgeable in the specific question you have.

Best Regards,