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[SECURITY] CVE-2018-1292: Apache Fineract SQL Injection Vulnerability - Injection via reportName parameter

Severity: Critical

The Apache Software Foundation

Versions Affected:
Apache Fineract 1.0.0
Apache Fineract 0.6.0-incubating
Apache Fineract 0.5.0-incubating
Apache Fineract 0.4.0-incubating


Within the 'getReportType' method, a hacker could inject SQL to read/update
data for which he doesn't have authorization for by way of the 'reportName'
parameter. Apache Fineract exposes different REST end points to query
domain specific
entities with a Query Parameter 'orderBy' which
are appended directly with SQL statements. A hacker/user can inject/draft
the  'orderBy'  query parameter by way of the "order" param  in such a way
to read/update the data for which he doesn't have authorization.

All users should migrate to Apache Fineract 1.1.0 version

This issue was discovered by 圆珠笔 (627963028@xxxxxx)


Apache Fineract Team

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