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F.CN installation

Really hoping someone can help.
I have followed the instructions in the wiki and hit a wall due to a
maven/javamoney problem fortunately Awusum Kannick was nice enough to
provide a link to an older 0.9 javamoney lib repo which enabled me to build
each repo successfully with artifacts showing up in .m2.

I ran *`java -Ddemoserver.provision=false -Ddemoserver.persistent=true
-Dcustom.cassandra.contactPoints= <>
-Dcustom.mariadb.user=root -Dcustom.mariadb.password=mysql -jar
demo-server-0.1.0-BUILD-SNAPSHOT.jar *

and all microservices started without errors!! When i tried to run the web
app with npm i and npm run dev I received a Node-Sass error at which point
I decided to go to bed (4:30am) (Switched of PC) Woke up installed
node-sass, built web app without errors and tried to login

   1.  Incorrect password. I assumed I needed run the demoserver again
   2. Ran the demoserver like above:

There was 1 failure:
1) startDevServer(

Prior I am also getting on all services.
[DefaultMessageListenerContainer-1] ERROR
o.s.j.l.DefaultMessageListenerContainer - Could not refresh JMS Connection
for destination 'accounting-v1' - retrying using
FixedBackOff{interval=5000, currentAttempts=0, maxAttempts=unlimited}.
Cause: Error while attempting to add new Connection to the pool; nested
exception is javax.jms.JMSException: Could not connect to broker URL:
tcp://localhost:61616. Reason: Connection
refused (Connection refused)

*This leads me to my questions. *

   1. *How do I resolve this error?*
   2. *Once installed what is the correct procedure for start up and shut
   down?Power outages are regular occurrence*

Thanks for the help!