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Re: Documentation for Configuration of Notifications Framework


Pardon my ignorance but I still am not able to get notifications working.

I see and understand the gist of the documentation page that Adhyan
provided in that if you want to receive a notification that a savings
account has been *created* in order to take the action of* approving* it,
your role needs the permission to *activate *or *approve* that saving

I did that configuration on the demo3 server but still no notification is
getting generated.

I also think we need to improve upon the documentation:

1) We need to show which actions have notifications already configured. For
each action, we should say: 1) What action generates notification 2) what
action can be taken from notification (if any) and 3) what permission needs
to be enabled for that user to view notification (if that's how a
notification is configure)

2) Is it really the case that the only configuration around the
notifications framework is by enabling permissions? We have no UI
whatsoever? If so, that should be an enhancement that we have an intern or
volunteer focus on so it's more explicit about configuring notifications
from the UI

3) Related to that last point, where does all the work that you did around
subscriber groups come into play? I thought that you had made enhancements
to allow notifications to be generated to entire sets of users. Is that all
just on the back-end whereby a subscriber group to receive notifications
gets created whenever a new role is created? If so, could you create/update
documentation to reflect the same.

What I'd like to see is a piece of documentation that explains to users to
who, for what actions, and how notifications get generated and then
explains how to configure these and/or disable them. We also need to make
it clear how users can extend by enabling notifications for other

We should also link to documentation on self-service app side which
explains how the mobile banking app hooks into these notifications.

Right now if I was a user I wouldn't even know notifications were available
and how to take advantage of this nice feature.



On Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 5:47 AM, Courage Angeh <courageangeh@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hi Ed,
> Most of the work I did was enhancements, and I added few other
> notification events. So Adhyan's documentation is still valid, I have made
> a few updates and the documentation should be okay now.
> Thanks,
> Courage
> On Mon, Apr 9, 2018 at 9:25 PM, Ed Cable <edcable@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Courage,
>> Can you point me to the documentation for end users/sys admins to
>> configure the notifications framework?
>> I know that Adhyan had created this documentation at
>> 033/Configure+Notifications but I think all the work you've done around
>> subscriber groups recently supersedes that.
>> I know you created the doc on configuration of active MQ at
>> ing+up+ActiveMQ+for+Fineract+1.0 but i've not been able to find anything
>> else.
>> With the release now out, I want to make sure users know to properly
>> configure the notifications - both enabling it, configuring subscriber
>> groups, configuring for which events notifications occur, etc.
>> Thanks,
>> Ed
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