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Re: Question regarding distribution of GPL licensed MySQL Connector

We have to do something similar internally since we can not ship GPL code
within our binaries.
Thus we build MySQL connector and exclude the Driver form the artifacts.
Then we instruct  users on how to add the Driver Jars.
FYI users usually have a platform dependent shared Mysql/Lzo drivers so
this actually works well.
Also as a side note looked at the dependency on MYSQL on the code and seems
pretty easy to actually remove it from the code it self
Assuming we can do the same for Amazon stuff.

On Wed, Oct 17, 2018 at 11:02 AM David Lim <davidlim@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello all (particularly our mentors!),
> I'm working on the release packaging for 0.13-incubating and have a
> question around best practices for distributing a library with a license
> not compatible with Apache.
> This library is a dependency of an extension to use MySQL as Druid's
> metadata storage. Historically, the way we handled this is by separating
> the extension from the core distribution and providing a link to download
> the extension and instructions on how to install it. For reference, see
> Druid's download page:
> As I understand, release artifacts are distributed through Apache's network
> of mirror servers, and I suspect it would not be appropriate to distribute
> this GPL-licensed library in this way. My question is if it would be
> appropriate to continue to do something similar to what we're doing - that
> is, to package our compiled MySQL extension + the Java connector library
> and to distribute it from a non-Apache network (such as through S3 +
> CloudFront). Otherwise, would we have to separate our compiled code from
> the GPL library, distribute the non-functioning MySQL extension alongside
> the rest of the release on Apache's servers, and then direct users to
> fetch, say, mysql-connector-java-5.1.38.jar from elsewhere and drop it in
> the appropriate location? If the latter, would it be appropriate to include
> instructions and links to that library from the Druid website / docs?
> Thank you very much!
> David