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Question regarding distribution of GPL licensed MySQL Connector

Hello all (particularly our mentors!),

I'm working on the release packaging for 0.13-incubating and have a
question around best practices for distributing a library with a license
not compatible with Apache.

This library is a dependency of an extension to use MySQL as Druid's
metadata storage. Historically, the way we handled this is by separating
the extension from the core distribution and providing a link to download
the extension and instructions on how to install it. For reference, see
Druid's download page:

As I understand, release artifacts are distributed through Apache's network
of mirror servers, and I suspect it would not be appropriate to distribute
this GPL-licensed library in this way. My question is if it would be
appropriate to continue to do something similar to what we're doing - that
is, to package our compiled MySQL extension + the Java connector library
and to distribute it from a non-Apache network (such as through S3 +
CloudFront). Otherwise, would we have to separate our compiled code from
the GPL library, distribute the non-functioning MySQL extension alongside
the rest of the release on Apache's servers, and then direct users to
fetch, say, mysql-connector-java-5.1.38.jar from elsewhere and drop it in
the appropriate location? If the latter, would it be appropriate to include
instructions and links to that library from the Druid website / docs?

Thank you very much!