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[VOTE] Tranquility 0.8.3 release

Hi all,

I'd like to open a vote for a new Tranquility release, 0.8.3. The new
release would have the following improvements and bug fixes:

* Update Curator and Scala. (#213)
* support rollup function in druid 0.9.2 (#210)
* Allow customization of zookeeper path through properties. (#215)
* Update MMX libraries and replace scala_tools.time (#220)
* Exclude deps with *GPL licenses. (#223)
* expose sslContext and prefer tlsPort if present (#257)
* Support Basic HTTP auth with druid, TLS support for server (#277)

Bug fixes:
* remove data type and input row parser type binding (#193)
* Change default host/port for DruidNode and FlinkBeam (#266)
* Thread-safe samza BeamProducer (#228)

Notably, this release would allow Tranquility to work with TLS-secured
Druid clusters and support Basic HTTP user/pass authentication.