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Re: Netty 4.1.x

It sounds good to me.

BTW, we still use netty 3.x for http-client and so it's pretty pervasive.
It coexists with netty 4.x (the packages are different) so there isn't a
conflict at that level. But if we wanted to, like, _fully_ upgrade to netty
4.1.x then it'd involve porting over the http-client.

On Fri, Oct 5, 2018 at 11:20 AM Charles Allen
<charles.allen@xxxxxxxx.invalid> wrote:

> proposes upgrading to
> netty 4.1.x
> A lot of the prior issues are likely resolved. Things like java-util are
> part of the druid repository now, the dependent libraries which were still
> using 4.0.x are upgraded (in the PR) to ones using 4.1.x, and Spark's
> laster major version (2.3.x) has netty 4.1
> I propose giving netty 4.1.x another shot.
> Sound good?
> Charles Allen