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Re: Plans for next Tranquility release

Hi Stig,

Tranquility seems to be in the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" stage of
its lifecycle. It still works great with the latest Druid releases.
Although, nobody has seemed to be too interested in taking over its
maintenance and adding new features. At Imply we do still support it for
our users, and if it stopped working with a new Druid release then at this
point we would be motivated to patch it.

However, most of the community effort into streaming ingestion work in the
past couple of years has gone into Kafka indexing (
It has a number of benefits over Tranquility, namely that it is capable of
exactly once ingestion, can read late data, and doesn't require external
processes (although I can see how the latter one is flipped in the Storm
case). It has also generally been much more active dev-wise than

What I usually do is direct people to the Kafka indexing method and stress
its benefits, and then if they still want to use Tranquillity (maybe they
just really don't like Kafka) then they can go for it. It still does make
sense if you don't need delivery guarantees and you don't want to run Kafka.

On Tue, May 8, 2018 at 9:50 AM, Stig Rohde Døssing <stigdoessing@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hi Druid devs,
> We're using Tranquility in the Storm project to allow users to write to
> Druid from Storm (
>, and
> we've noticed that the library hasn't had a release for a few years.
> Looking at the Druid mailing list and Tranquility issue tracker, it's not
> obvious to me whether Tranquility will be developed going forward (
>, or whether it is
> compatible with the latest Druid releases.
> Are there plans to release a new version of Tranquility any time in the
> near future? Is Tranquility compatible with the newest Druid releases? Does
> it make sense for Storm to continue to support integration via the
> Tranquility library, or should we go another way (e.g. direct users to
> ingest via Kafka instead)?
> Thanks