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Making sure Github / Gitbox is setup properly

Hi dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,

Quick note to suggest making sure that Apache Infra is setting up things
the right way. Make sure they setup Github notifications to go to `
issues@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx` and `pr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx` and don't spam dev@.
It's a requirement to have Github notifications sent to some ASF mailing
list in order to use them. I recommend GH issues over Jira personally.

I'm sending this because they made that mistake for Superset and our `dev@`
is spammed and unusable, now we have to ask people to take down their email

Also I see that we are using 3rd party services like Travis, Teamcity and
Coveralls. We'll have to open tickets with Apache INFRA to make sure they set those up
as none of the committers can have `Admin` access to the repo. Travis is
ok, but some of the services require Org-level perms which Apache INFRA
won't give. If I remember well Coveralls isn't supported, so we may have to
move to Codecov or whatever else works and is supported.

It's a bit painful at first but it's all well worth it in the end!

Welcome to Apache! :)