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Re: Dependencies licenses Report

Hi Slim,

Do you know if ORC & Hive use this tool as part of their release process?
And if it's considered a good tool by itself for verifying we meet all of
the Apache licensing requirements, or if we'll need something else too?

On Tue, Apr 17, 2018 at 9:15 PM, Slim Bouguerra <bslim@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> One of the question last dev synch was about the generation of dependency
> licenses.
> Some projects (ORC and Hive) use the maven site plugin that can generates
> reports with all the dependencies and licenses details.
> I have run it on Druid and this is how it looks for Druid Api Module.
> cmd
> mvn project-info-reports:dependencies
> The site directory can be found under target/site
> here is an example for one module
> OI7Oe/view?usp=sharing
> Also no fancy tools used to detect unwanted licenses, it is done while
> reviewing PR
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