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Dev list migration

Hi all,

In the dev sync today there was some general agreement around migrating the
dev list to Apache next week. Please +1 or -1 in this thread as desired.

I think ideally we'd want an autoresponder but I don't see a way to set
one. So the concrete plan I'd propose instead is to do the following next
Monday, April 23,

1) Post a message to the list that we have migrated to dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2) Sticky that post on!forum/druid-development
3) Update the list link on the web site at
4) Disable posting on druid-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

This message has been cross posted to both lists, but please reply on the
Apache list. If you haven't signed up for it yet, you can do that by
emailing dev-subscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.