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Web site

There has been some back-channel discussion about the web site.

Druid has a good and successful web site outside of Apache, namely <>. We cannot start transitioning that site until the legal IP transfer has completed. In the mean time, we were left without a web site: requests to <> and <> would receive an HTTP 404.

Gian has created a simple web site in Apache that has hyperlinks to <> and references the current user list druid-user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:druid-user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>. Links to outside Apache regarded as a breach of Apache branding policy and are frowned upon; but as a mentor I totally understand why they are necessary: Druid has a great community, and we must protect that community during the transition to Apache.

The current web site is good enough for the short-term, but let’s get a proper branding-compliant web site up and running as soon as we can. Let’s make it one of the “top three” tasks listed in each board report.

I see [1] that Gian is pushing to move traffic from druid-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:druid-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> to this dev list. That effort is most welcome, also.


[1] <>