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Re: [druid-dev] redis cache should be a core druid extension

Hi Prashant,

The only real difference between core and contrib extensions is that
contrib extensions don't have an official maintainer. If people are
interested in stepping up and maintaining the redis extension then it would
make sense in core. Maybe you are interested :)? Maintenance of an
extension like this mostly involves reviewing patches for it and making
sure it is compatible with the latest releases of redis.

Btw, since we are migrating the dev mailing list to Apache, please cross
post this sort of thing with dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, or even only post to
that list. I have cross posted my reply here to both lists.


On Sat, Apr 7, 2018 at 11:32 AM, Prashant Deva <prashant.deva@xxxxxxxxx>

> Redis is significantly more popular than memcached. Cloud providers like
> aws and azure offer it hosted as a cache.
> However, druid core seems to focus on the memcached extension instead.
> My suggestion would be to move the redis cache into the core extension.
> Unless there is a good reason to prefer memcached over redis?
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