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Re: [druid-dev] consider doing a 0.12.1 release

I think this conversation is worth having. I have cross posted this to
dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and will reply there. Since we're trying to migrate
the dev list, please cross post any dev messages there, or even only post
to that list.


On Sun, Apr 8, 2018 at 5:45 PM, Prashant Deva <prashant.deva@xxxxxxxxx>

> Current 0.12.0 release has some major issues:
>    1. Coordinator loses leadership
>    2. Newly introduced Quantiles sketch is broken
>    3. Coordinator+overlord web console broken
> 1. is especially very important. Without a coordinator, druid stops
> functioning.
> With bug 5561, it is impossible to use druid for long periods since
> coordinator eventually does lose leadership and the whole process needs to
> be restarted for it to come back.
> *Why not wait till 0.13.0?*
> A lot of companies like to update one version at a time and may not want
> to jump directly to 0.13.0.
> Those companies will hit a bad surprise due to bug 5561 essentially
> rendering the cluster useless in production.
> Also quantiles being the new feature and broken does not look good either.
> 0.12.0 is a 'release', not an RC, thus marking it good for production, but
> the bugs listed above prevent it from being used as such.
> I highly recommend 0.12.1 release, thus marking the right version to
> upgrade to from 0.11.0
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