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Re: Old Daffodil Wiki Migration

I fixed the remaining old NCSA wiki pages per Steve L's list below.

I believe the old NCSA Daffodil Wiki is now fully "obsoleted" in that all irrelevant pages are gone. All other pages now forward to somewhere on the new web-site or wiki.

What I did:

I replaced all the pages on the old wiki with pages that redirect to material on the new Wiki.  Minor exceptions.

Some material on setup and eclipse setup I created consolidated pages for and redirected to that. I tried to avoid reproducing page materials that were hard to maintain, but tried to capture setup information that will be universally needed.

Other old pages that really have nothing corresponding directly, I just put in See LINK, where LINK is to the new wiki For Contributors page.

4 old pages are unmodified because I think we don't need to do anything to them:

Calabash and NiFi pages - these were already pretty much just forwarding. So left them as is.

These pages on documentation of the early NCSA and prior days of Daffodil. I left these as is. No reason to mess with them. They're obsolete, but there's no reason to update them nor carry forward this material, as it isn't particularly relevant anymore. I may write a DFDL-history page someday.

From: Steve Lawrence <slawrence@xxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Friday, May 18, 2018 8:42:40 AM
To: dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Old Daffodil Wiki Migration


I've gone through the pre-Apache Daffodil wiki and moved a good chunk of
the content to the either the new website or the new wiki, depending on
if it was user focused or dev focused information. For old wiki pages
where information was moved, I removed the content and added a link to
the new content so that search engines will starting finding the new

However, there are still 27 pages that have not been moved. Below are
links to the pages and descriptions of why they haven't been moved. If
you think information on any of those page is important, lets have a
discussion about where that information should live.

1) Generic Build Related

  These pages are all related to setting up a build environment. I'm not
  sure much of this really adds anything. This generally involves things
  like how to install SBT/GIT/Java, how to run sbt commands, etc. I
  think most of this information is out of the scope for how to compile
  Daffodil. And things that are in scope should probably be in the
  README file. That is the first place people will look when trying to
  build and contribute to Daffodil.

2) Eclipse Set-Up

  These pages are all related to how to set up eclipse. There's
  important information in here, but it's mostly outdated and keeping up
  with eclipse changes is difficult. It might be useful to have some
  high level eclipse instructions for things that must be done and
  likely won't change between eclipse version (e.g. sbt
  updateClassifiers). But as is, I think those pages have become too
  difficult to maintain. Maybe a single page that gives general advice
  might be useful?

3) Projects for New Contributors

  I think the concept of this page is a really good idea, but it has
  become out of date, and I think some projects are not easy enough for
  a beginner to contribute to Daffodil. Instead of this wiki page, I
  think a better option might be take advantage of the "label" field of
  Jira to pick out bugs that would be good for new contributors. Then
  new users could just filter on that label. The list automatically
  stays up to date as bugs are resolved. And it looks like there's
  already a few labels that might be appropriate (e.g. beginner,

4) Testing Custom Schemas

  This describes the old daffodil-extra directory which ended up being a
  bad idea. I think the new DFDL project layout provides a good
  mechanism for testing schemas, and that already has a page on the

5) Tested Version of Tools

  This quickly falls out of date, and the necessary information should
  be in the README.

6) Integrations

  The information on these pages should probably live in the
  repositories for those projects. Whether or not those are still
  maintained on NCSA or moved somewhere else (Github, ASF) I think is
  still TBD.

7) Miscellaneous, not sure if these pages are still needed