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[GitHub] commons-rng issue #11: RNG-57: Cache values for nextBoolean() and nextInt()

Github user aherbert commented on the issue:
    This failed. This is partly due to 'Too many failures ...' in the testing of the different providers. This is for code I have not touched as the tests are for IntProvider.nextInt() and LongProvider.nextLong(). I assume they would pass on repeat since they are random. Note that different provider tests failed for JDK 7, 8 and 9 due to randomness.
    There are also a failures for ProvidersCommonParametricTest.testStateSettable().
    This has not been fixed and was intended to be part of a different PR (see [RNG-57](
    However it may be best implemented together to make the PR atomic.
    This will take a bit of time.


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