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RE: IOPS limitation with XenServer as hypervisor

Hello Meanie,

	That is true. XenServer does not support IOPS per volume. I did asked Citrix about a year ago about that. With the recent new features regarding storage (thin provisioning over shared block devices!) I really hope they will continue they focus on storage with the next release 8.0.

Best regards,

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Subject: IOPS limitation with XenServer as hypervisor

Hi all,

do I get it right, that there is no way to limit IOPS per volume with XenServer as hypervisor? (Using ACS 4.11)

I tried the settings to limit IO bandwidth and IOPS per volume on hypervisor side with XenServer and only the bandwidth limitation seems to have an effect. Seems to me, that this is not supported from the XenServer side at all. Is that correct?


Are those features working with KVM?

Greetings, Melanie

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