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RE: secure hosts communications

Thank you, Rohit.

I am using 4.11.1 with a full KVM environment. They are showing unsecure with strictness set to true.

What configuration needs to be adjusted to have the KVM hosts show secure?


Richard Persaud

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Sent: Saturday, November 24, 2018 2:02 PM
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Subject: Re: secure hosts communications



Starting 4.11, agent and management servers will use an in-built CA framework to secured hosts. Only in case of KVM hosts you may see an insecure state, otherwise all KVM hosts (agents) and SSVM/CPVM agents will by default in Up state will be secured. There is an auth strictness setting that should be true.

- Rohit


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Subject: secure hosts communications


Is there straight-forward to enable secure communications between the management and the hosts?

I have looked at many documentations but am still unable to get the hosts to show a "secure" state.


Richard Persaud

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