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Re: 1 click deploy VPC network

Hello, Richard.

Well, there are two options:
1. Extend frontend with a plugin which will do everything you need.
2. Implement callback app which will be bound to account 1st login or
registration and automatically creates everything you need.

Anyway, the customization is required. If you decide to go with the second
option, you may contact me directly
as we have implemented CS self-registration service which can do everything
you need:

вт, 20 нояб. 2018 г. в 13:47, Richard Persaud <richard.persaud@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Hello,
> We plan on using cloudStack for classroom style deployments, where each
> user will get the same setup but in different VPCs.
> How can I set up cloudStack so when a user logs into their account, there
> is a 1 click deploy template (VPC, tiers and VMs)?
> Regards,
> Richard Persaud
> Sys Spec, Info Security Del | Macy's, Inc.
> 5985 State Bridge Rd. | Johns Creek, GA 30097
> Office: 678-474-2357

With best regards, Ivan Kudryavtsev
Bitworks LLC
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Cell USA: +1-201-257-1512
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