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Re: number of cores

On 11/19/18 03:56, Andrija Panic wrote:
Hi Ugo,

Why would you want to do this, just curious ?

I believe it's not possible, but anyway (at least with KVM, probably same
for other hypervisors) it doesn't even makes sense/use, since when
deploying a VM, ACS query host free/unused number of MHz (GHz), so it's not
even relevant for ACS - number of cores in not relevant in ACS calculations
during VM deployment.

I think you are misunderstanding the question. I have 72 cores in my cluster. Each of my hosts has 24 cores. With 4.9.2, I can provision 10 virtual machines, each of which is programmed with 8 cores, meaning 80 cores total. They on average are using only 25% of the CPU available to them (they need to be able to burst) and my compute servers on average are only 40% CPU used so that is not a problem.

When I tried upgrading to 4.11.1,  the dashboard showed a new value "# of CPU Cores" in red and showed that I had more cores provisioned for virtual machines than available in the cluster (80 versus 72 available). Cloudstack would not launch new virtual machines. I shut down two virtual machines, and now I can launch one, but not the second because I would need 80 cores total in my cluster. I cannot launch all 10 virtual machines because I would need 80 cores total. I know this because I tried it. I then used MySQL to tell Cloudstack that each of my hosts has 48 cores (144 total), and suddenly I can launch all of my virtual machines.

Is this a bug in 4.11.1? Or is this expected behavior? If expected behavior, is there a way to over-provision "total # of cores used" other than to go into MySQL and tell it that my hosts have more cores than they in fact have? (Note that my service offerings are limited to 8 cores max, so there's no way to launch a single VM with more cores than exists on a physical host, since all my hosts have 24 cores).

On Mon, Nov 19, 2018, 11:31 Ugo Vasi <ugo.vasi@xxxxxxxxx.invalid wrote:

Hi all,
in the dashboard of an ACS installation vesion (Ubuntu 16.04
with KVM hypervisor), the new entry "# of CPU Cores" appears.
Is it possible to over-provision like for MHz or storage?



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