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CloudStack-UI: Release 1.411.24 Overview

Dear community, we released a new version of CSUI 1.411.24. If the e-mail
is not displayed correctly, please use following links to read announcement
on GitHub.


Release 1.411.24 Overview

On November 9, 2018 we released Cloudstack-UI 1.411.24. In this iteration,
we continued developing the Log View UI-plugin and added such features for
it as viewing logs in a real-time mode, the search of log entries. Besides,
we enhanced naming for new virtual machines and the disk offering selection
component, fixed a number of interface bugs. Below you can find the
detailed description for main enhancements and fixes.
View features added

Last release we presented the new UI-plugin - Log View
<> - that allows
viewing virtual machine logs.

In the current release, we added such features as:

   - Viewing logs in real-time mode and configuring parameters for the
   real-time mode (maximum messages to display, the period to view the logs
   - Search logs.

Let’s consider every feature in detail.

Viewing logs in real-time mode. Users may face situations when it is
necessary to watch the machine state during the operation. For such cases,
we implemented a feature allowing users to view machine logs in a real-time
mode. To enable this mode a user can click on “Follow log” in the
bottom-right corner. When sorting a list by the “Newest first” option the
button moves to the upper-right corner. In this case, the latest logs
appear at the beginning of the list.

The “Follow log” button is available after selecting a virtual machine in
the filtering parameters as well as at viewing logs in a regular mode. When
the “Follow log” option is enabled the list of logs refreshes with a
defined frequency. For displaying many log messages we implemented dynamic
loading at scrolling the list down.

The following default parameters are used for viewing logs in a real-time

   - List refresh interval - once per a second.
   - A user views logs for the last minute.
   - Maximum messages in the list - 1000.

A user can change default parameters in the “Log View (real-time mode)”
section in Settings. The following parameters can be customized:

   - the time period to display the latest logs for,
   - the maximum number of messages to display.

The settings are saved to user tags.

Search logs. For convenient filtering of logs, a user can apply the search
tool above the list and enter a word or a phrase there. Then refresh the
list by clicking on “Show logs”.

naming of virtual machines changed

For better usability and avoiding VM name collision, we added a feature
allowing a user to define a VM display name that is not required to be
unique in the zone.

In earlier product versions a user defined a virtual machine name that
corresponded to the Hostname attribute. That could cause VM creation
failure if the specified name was not unique. In the current version, a
user can define both an arbitrary non-unique name (Display name) and an
optional name corresponding to Hostname that should be unique in the zone.
Thus, now a user can define two names for a machine:

   1. A VM display name - Must be defined in the “General” tab of the VM
   creation form. This can be any name. It will display for the VM in the
   machine list and in any place of the UI. The field is required to be filled

   1. VM host name - Should be defined in the “Advanced” tab of the VM
   creation form. It should be unique within the zone. A hostname displays in
   the VM details sidebar only.

The field is not required to be filled in. If empty, a hostname will be
auto-generated for a VM in the format of vm-<UID>.

offering selector improvements

The list of disk offerings now include all options available to a user
instead of previously containing only those that a user can create. When
selecting a disk offering the system checks the available account resources
required to create a VM with the selected option. If a user selects an
offering that does not fit the available account resources, a warning
message appears and the selected option cannot be applied to the VM. This
enhancement makes the disk offering selection more clear and convenient to
a user.


During the iteration out team fixed interface bugs that improved the
following interface components:

   - Notifications on pending operations;
   - Color picker for a virtual machine;
   - Service offering selecting component;
   - Disk offering selecting component;
   - Templates/ISOs list;
   - VM creation form.


The release can be found at GitHub releases:

Prepared Docker image is available at DockerRegistry. You can pull it with:

docker pull

The project changelog is here:

Deployment guide and project info can be found at GitHub pages:
1.411.25 expectations

The next release is expected to include the following features and updates:

   1. Proceed with the Log View plugin development: configuring of logs
   viewing in a real-time mode via the configuration file; 12- or 24-hour mode
   to set a time period for log display.
   2. Editable details sidebar size.
   3. Management of VM groups as instances avoiding using tags.
   4. The “Settings” section improvements: more compact and user-friendly
   arrangement of sections.
   5. Displaying and copying of server responses in case VM creation fails.
   6. User details display in the main navigation bar.


Dear community member, we will be thankful if you

   - Try the project and provide us with a feedback;
   - Share the information about the project and the release in social
   - Mark the GitHub repository <> with
   a star to support the project;
   - Join LinkedIn group <>.

With best regards, Ivan Kudryavtsev
Bitworks LLC
Cell RU: +7-923-414-1515
Cell USA: +1-201-257-1512
WWW: <>