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Re: Unable to start any instance because no templates are available

Hi Alessandro,

may I ask which tutorial / or which doc did you follow (Quick install
guide, or full install gude...)
Basic Zone or Advanced, CLoudStack version, KVM hypervisor flavour
(ubuntu.centos, etc)
So a bit more details please.

Later there are more questions like:
- inside Infrastructure, when you click on HOSTs (there is 1 KVM host),
does it say that Agent is Connected (i..e State is UP and Resource State is
Connected) ? If so, this means we have Agents connected to Management
Server, as it should be
- For the sake of simplifying troubleshooting - make sure that you
completely disabled/deactivate any firewall on both physical hosts -
sometimes firewall can kick in and cause chaos... (you can fix it later)
- Can you confirm that your KVM node can actually access Secondary Storage,
the way you have defined it when creating Zone...

If zone is Advanced Zone, then you had to define "KVM TRAFFIC LABEL" - for
each Network Type (for Management network, for Guest Network, for Storage
network if separate, etc) on the Physical Network - this one is the most
common issues (omitted step) for beginners and causes issues...(we can
troubleshoot this one, after you have confirmed all above steps as fine).
How does your vlan/bridging setup looks like on KVM node ?

When all this is OK, KVM node will be able  to (automatically, no actions
needed from your side) start 2 system VMs (Secondary Storage VM and Console
Proxy VM).
Then SSVM will download that mentioend Centos 5.5 template - but if SSVM is
not running, it obviously can't download any template.....
After they have been started fine (all green, State UP, etc, same as for
KVM nodes), then we need to use a script inside these VMs, to check
connectivity and health in general... and if all fine, you are done with
your basic and working setup of CloudStack

Builtin CentOS 5.5 is enough to spin a VM from, in order to verify that VM
works fine (root / password is the login) - but you can't do that yet,
because it hasn't been downloaded by SSVM to Secondary Storage.

Later you can add more templates - here are templates from one community

Later you will want to configure and play with different Compute offerings,
Data disk offerings, VPC offerings (if you deployed Advanced zone), Network
offerings, System VM offerings (optional), etc...


On Sun, 11 Nov 2018 at 02:20, Alessandro Brega <alessandro.brega1@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hello everbody
> I'm new to cloudstack and just installed it. I installed the management +
> nfs one one host and added another host for the kvm guests. After many
> small issues during the setup, almost everything looks good so far now. But
> when I try to create a new instance using the UI I don't have any templates
> to choose from. However when I go to Templates I can see "CentOS
> 5.5(64-bit) no GUI (KVM)" and "SystemVM Template (KVM)".
> "CentOS 5.5(64-bit) no GUI (KVM)": This shows status "Active" for Zone1.
> "SystemVM Template (KVM)": shows status "Download Complete" for Zone1.
> I ran
> "/usr/share/cloudstack-common/scripts/storage/secondary/cloud-install-sys-tmplt
> -m /mnt/secondary -u
> -h
> <>
> kvm -F" on the mangement host several times but it doesn't seem to
> change anything.
> At Infrastructure there's everywhere a 1, except for System VMs and Virtual
> Routers which both have a 0. Is this a problem? I don't see any buttons to
> add a System VM nor a Virtual Router.
> As I already spent several hours on how to get this working any help would
> be greatly appreciated. Btw, where can I download more templates for
> ubuntu, debian, newer centos etc.?
> Thank you guys!
> Alessandro


Andrija Panić