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Unable to start any instance because no templates are available

Hello everbody

I'm new to cloudstack and just installed it. I installed the management +
nfs one one host and added another host for the kvm guests. After many
small issues during the setup, almost everything looks good so far now. But
when I try to create a new instance using the UI I don't have any templates
to choose from. However when I go to Templates I can see "CentOS
5.5(64-bit) no GUI (KVM)" and "SystemVM Template (KVM)".

"CentOS 5.5(64-bit) no GUI (KVM)": This shows status "Active" for Zone1.
"SystemVM Template (KVM)": shows status "Download Complete" for Zone1.

I ran "/usr/share/cloudstack-common/scripts/storage/secondary/cloud-install-sys-tmplt
-m /mnt/secondary -u
-h kvm -F" on the mangement host several times but it doesn't seem to
change anything.

At Infrastructure there's everywhere a 1, except for System VMs and Virtual
Routers which both have a 0. Is this a problem? I don't see any buttons to
add a System VM nor a Virtual Router.

As I already spent several hours on how to get this working any help would
be greatly appreciated. Btw, where can I download more templates for
ubuntu, debian, newer centos etc.?

Thank you guys!