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RE: cloudstack reset VM password files

Thank you René,

	I will take it from here and test it. Some documentation will be on the way as well. 

Best regards,

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Nowadays the cloud-init [1] project supports cloudstack out of the box and we switched our templates to only use cloud-init.

Unfortunately the docs regarding cloudstack is not that great (it is on my list to give back my finding). There are some great docs here

Our config under config dir /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d/ has two files

- 80_root.cfg
- 99_cloudstack.cfg

80_root.cfg contents is...

    name: root
disable_root: 0
ssh_pwauth: 1

...and 99_cloudstack.cfg looks like...

  CloudStack: {}
  None: {}
  - CloudStack

Note that cloud-init has a ton of great features beside the support of cloudstack.

Hope that helps