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Re: Unable to create a deployment for VM


that is the famous setup article from one of CloudStack conferences, if I'm
not mistaken - but since things have changed "a bit" during last 4 years
(both cloudstack and the XenServer versions), that means that probably some
steps might be missing (just a guess)

Anyway, since system VM is not starting at all - I would suggest to take a
look into systemVM template - which you should have preseeded during the
installation process with  the "*cloud-install-sys-tmplt*" script - check
template state in GUI if it says "OK" under "Ready" section (go to specific
template, click on Zones, and there you will read it). Alternatively, make
sure that HOST is in connected/up/routing state  - can be observer from

Otherwise, is systemVM template is OK, than the HOST (xenserver) should be
able to mount Secondary Storage (your emails says it works fine...) and
start the VM from the template (later patch systemVM etc etc...)

I would also suggest perhaps trying a more up to date tutorial, from the
original documentation for 4.11 release (
and check your steps with XenServer.

Alternatively, if you are willing to play with KVM, there is also a very
Quick Installation Guide for CenOS6 (outdated, being updated as we speak) -
while updated version (not final but with some comments) can be found here:

If nothing helps, please share management.log file content (pastebean or
similar) so we can check.
I'm personally not aware of specific agent logs on XenServer, but I assume
there are some logs from XenServer itself which you could collect as well.


On Thu, 25 Oct 2018 at 00:41, fulc927 <fulc927@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello,
> First my environment is built following this tutorial
> I am trying to setup properly Cloudstack as a proof-of-concept and
> eventually adopting it in more sophisticated configuration
> I am using cloudstack-management-4.11 and Citrix XenServer Host 7.5.0
> I successfully create a zone and a primary storage, bad things are
> coming next, once SystemVMs have to boot.
> System VMs nevers successfully boot, they are stuck in an endless loop
> cycle (start-stop-start…)
> logs attached to this email report:
>  > Deploy avoids pods: null, clusters: null, hosts: null
>  > Unable to create a deployment for VM
> My config has enough ressources to run the management server and the xen
> one in an virtualyzed environment
> I highly suspect a network misconfiguration, everything should be OK
> since i replicate the config from shapeblue:
> POD SETTINGS (21 - 30)
> PUBLIC TRAFFIC 172.30.0.(21 - 30 )
> Maybe something is wrong on the MGMT network ? but since i can ping IPs
> properly I suspect something more tricky.
> If someone could help me giving a look faulty parameters, I can'f figure
> out why my cluster and pod load as null value and make the next
> processes messy
> Thanks
> Xen hypervisor seems good regarding
> storage: on
> /run/sr-mount/3473326c-6813-97dc-fd85-9f221d59892f type nfs
> (rw,relatime,vers=3,rsize=131072,wsize=131072,namlen=255,acdirmin=0,acdirmax=0,soft,proto=tcp,timeo=100,retrans=12,sec=sys,mountaddr=,mountvers=3,mountport=892,mountproto=tcp,local_lock=none,addr=
> on
> /var/cloud_mount/fb486192-aa16-30d2-9278-c5704f273389 type nfs4
> (rw,relatime,vers=4.0,rsize=131072,wsize=131072,namlen=255,soft,proto=tcp,port=0,timeo=133,retrans=1,sec=sys,clientaddr=,local_lock=none,addr=


Andrija Panić