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Re: cannot remove secondary storage

Interesting case you’ve hit Yordan :)

It appears you can’t add it through the UI once removed yes..

You can install cloudmonkey and use it to call the API and create a Physical network through a command line interface.

Here’s a page, showing how to set it up:

It uses unix-like interface so you get completion/suggestion when you use tab.

This is the command you’re looking for:
(local) SBCM5> create physicalnetwork
broadcastdomainrange=  domainid=              filter=                isolationmethods=      name=                  networkspeed=          tags=                  vlan=                  zoneid=


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On 9 Oct 2018, at 18:56, Yordan Kostov <Yordan.Kostov@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:Yordan.Kostov@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

Dear all,

               Jump bumped into a weird issue while trying to remove a zone.

Following actions were taken in order.

-          Disabled the zone and the primary storage.

-          Once VMs (including system) were down deleted all of them

-          Deleted the host, then the cluster, then the pod

-          Network -> deleted the defaultGuestNetwork

-          Zone -> physical network - deleted the physical network (the one that is binded to the nic)

-          Tried to delete the zone but task gave the following error message -> "The zone cannot be deleted because there are Secondary storages in this zone"

-          Tried to delete the storage but I get the error "Cannot delete image store with active templates backup!"

-          I had one ISO there so went to Templates -> ISO -> Zones - and tried to remove it but as the SSVM does not exist  the operation could not complete

I decided to recreate the whole environment (the actions in reverse) but in Zone -> physical network, there is no button that allows creating networks.
               Does this mean that besides the Zone wizard there is no other way to do this through the GUI?
               What happens if you have existing zone in which you want to add another guest network to a newly added NIC  (seems very unlikely that anyone does it but still)?

Best regards,
Jordan Kostov