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Re: VR IP Association Command

The Start(Command) is the initial command that is sent to start a VM, the IpAssoc is used to associate a (new) nic/IP in a VR. On initial programming (say deploying a fresh VR, or a VR after restartNetwork with cleanup=true is called), the IpAssoc is sent that would configure all the necessary nics expected on the VR (for example, at least the link-local ip, the guest network nic/ip and the snat public nic/ip).

- Rohit


From: ran huang <ran.huang134@xxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Tuesday, October 2, 2018 7:31:38 AM
To: users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: VR IP Association Command

Greetings everyone,

When starting a new VR, the MAC address from "Start" and "IpAssoc"
commands (which are received on host side) differs.

1. why is this the case?
2. what is the significance of IpAssocCommand?

I am using cloudstack v4.9.2 and centos7.

brief example:

"": {
"nics": [{
"deviceId" : 2
"ip" : ""
"mac" : "06:b7:78:00:00:53"
"": {
"ipAddresses" : [{
"publicIp" : ""
"vifMacAddress" : "06:24:7c:00:00:53"
"newNic" : false

best regards,
Ran Huang

Amadeus House, Floral Street, London  WC2E 9DPUK