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system VM has no ips

Dear all,


Trying to get an advanced networking Cloudstack setup.


                My environment is a xenserver 7.1 with 4 nics in 2 bonds (Bond_01 and bond_23, those are set as labels on the network labels below).

                Network setup is:

                Management range (bond_01) – (untagged)    

                Public range(bond_01)  - (untagged)

                Guest vlans (bond_23) – 3500 to 3510


                When the system VMs start up the cloudstack menu says “starting” forever.

                From the Xenserver I can see that vms are up and when I logging there are actually no interfaces.













                This is just a test environment so no other configs are involved.

                I wonder why is this happening. Basic networking option works without issues.

                Btw is there any guide regarding System VMs behavior ?
                Most of the guides explain what they do but not how they do it (how are their IPs assigned when started up? Which of the interfaces is used for communication with the management server etc..).

                Thank you.


Best regards,

Jordan Kostov