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Re: Is that safe to put public IP directly on Virtual Router/ System VMs?

Each sysem VM have a single (at minimum) public IP address attached:

- cpvm need it to enable your laptop/you access to the console of the VM
from anywhere on internet (its authenticated)

- ssvm need it to download templates from internet (and offer you download
link when you download i.e. vokume from ACS)

-VRs need it for obvious reasons - to provide internet access to VMs (since
VMs are usually on internal/private network/asdresses)...

Unless I got your question wrong ?


On Sep 25, 2018 21:29, "Netlynker" <netlynker@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I looked at the deployment architecture from document and it said to have
public IP addresses on Virtaul Router/System VMs.

Is that recommended setup?

How safe will it be to expose Virtaul Router/ System VMs directly to

Any recommendation is welcomed.

Thanks in advance,