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RE: Add NIC and public IP


It's okay..
So i have to delete the old primary NIC to force CS to update the new primary card and add the old network..

Best regards,
De : Nicolas Bouige [mailto:n.bouige@xxxxxxxx]
Envoyé : lundi 24 septembre 2018 14:25
À : users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Objet : Add NIC and public IP

Hello All,

I'm trying to add an ip public to one of my VM (Windows 2016)  with a new added network without success :/
The goal is to put this vm in a DMZ with a NIC in DMZ and the other one on the « internal » Tier Network.
The public ip has to be associate to the IP from the DMZ.

So i added the new DMZ network and setted up as the default NIC.
When i choose the Tier network and the VM, CS displays the old primary address from the first network.
And after a reboot, none of the NIC card is recognized by Windows...

However, in cloud Database, the VM is correctly updated.

Do i need to do something else to add a new NIC on an existing VM ?
We're using CS 4.11