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KVM Snapshot for backup

Hi All,

Has anyone experienced the virsh snapshot-create-as command on a KVM based instance?
I am facing some blockers, and I cannot find workarounds.

1/ create a KVM instance from template

ð  Qemu chain is 2 nodes (1/ template, 2/ instance)
2/ make a snapshot (live)

ð  Qemu chain is 3 nodes (1/ template, 2/ base instance, 3/ snapshot)
3/ blockcommit and pivot

ð  Qemu chain is 1 node

This behavior sounds ok to me (blockcomit from top to base), but we lose benefit of sharing the template disk, and I am not sure there is no impact on cs side.

Am I searching the wrong direction to make efficient and live backup for my kvm instances ?
Any guidance would be much appreciated.

Best Regards.


Grégoire Lamodière
T/ + 33 6 76 27 03 31
F/ + 33 1 75 43 89 71