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Re: Storage traffic clarification.


with Basic Network - it implies you have all in one network for everything.

If you have a storage network that is L3 routable and you don’t want to use
guest network - then when you create a zone - use storage label and define
what bridge will be used to get there.

If it’s not guest bridge you wan to use - then use the management Bridge.


On Wed, Jun 20, 2018 at 12:25 AM Jon Marshall <jms.123@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I am probably missing something obvious but according to this article (
> by default primary and secondary storage traffic travels across the
> management network.
> As an example assume basic networking with 2 NICS, one for management with
> an IP subnet,  the other NIC for guest traffic using a different subnet. A
> physical host should only have one default gateway and this would have to
> be from the guest VM subnet.
> I setup two tests  -
> 1) the NFS server had an IP address from the management subnet
> 2) the NFS server was on a completely different IP subnet ie. not the
> management or the guest IP subnets.
> Both worked but in test 2 I can't see how the storage traffic could be
> using the management NIC because there is no default gateway on the compute
> nodes for the management subnet and the NFS server is on a remote network.
> So is storage traffic in test 2 actually running across the guest NIC ?
> And as the recommendation is to have separate storage from guest traffic
> does this mean the NFS server has to be in the management subnet ?
> Thanks