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Re: KVM Max Guests Limit

I think these is legacy and a guess back in the day. It was 50 at one point and it was lifted higher a few releases. ago.

From: Ivan Kudryavtsev <kudryavtsev_ia@xxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Thursday, November 8, 2018 3:58 PM
To: dev
Subject: Re: KVM Max Guests Limit

Hi all, +1 for higher numbers.

чт, 8 нояб. 2018 г. в 16:32, Wido den Hollander <wido@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Hi,
> I see that for KVM we set the limit to 144 guests by default, can
> anybody tell me why we have this limit set to 144?
> Searching a bit I found this:
> "This guest limit does not apply to Red Hat Enterprise Linux with
> Unlimited Guests. There is no guest limit for Red Hat Enterprise
> Virtualization"
> There is always a limit somewhere, but why do we set it to 144?
> I would personally vote for increasing this to 500 or something so that
> users don't run into it that easily.
> Also, the log line is printed in DEBUG mode only when a host reaches
> this limit, so I created a PR to set this to INFO:
> Any input?
> Wido

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