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Host KVM Installation documentation

I am surprised to see that RedHat is not supported/recommended.

What about Atomic? CoreOS?

*Homogeneous CPUs*

"All hosts within a cluster must be homogenous. The CPUs must be of the same type, count, and feature flags" This appears to be an attempt to add some flesh to the definition of homogeneous.  What does type mean - AMD vs Intel? Can you really not use an Athlon in the same cluster as a Phenom?

Count of what? CPUs?

Surely not all feature flags matter?

What is the real restriction?

When you deploy CloudStack, the hypervisor host must not have any VMs already running. These will be destroy by CloudStack

Might be better expressed as
When you deploy CloudStack, any VMs already running on the hypervisor host will be destroyed by CloudStack.

*Configure CPU model for KVM guest (Optional)*

By default, the CPU model of KVM instance is likely QEMU Virtual CPU version x.x.x with least CPU features exposed.

likely??? What does this mean?

*CentOS 7 uses Firewalld**

The section on opening ports in the firewall uses iptables which is no longer used in CentOS 7*

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