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Re: request_scheduler functionalities for CQL Native Transport

I think what you're looking for might be solved by CASSANDRA-8303. However, I am not sure if anybody is working on it. Generally you want to create different clusters for users to physically isolate them. What you propose has been discussed in the past and it is something that is currently unsupported.


On Tuesday, November 27, 2018, 11:05:32 PM PST, Shaurya Gupta <shaurya.nsit@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


We want to throttle maximum queries on any keyspace for clients connecting via CQL native transport. This option is available for clients connecting via thrift by property of request_scheduler in cassandra.yaml.
Is there some option available for clients connecting via CQL native transport.
If not is there any plan to do so in future.
It is a must have feature if we want to support multiple teams on a single cassandra cluster or to prevent one keyspace from interfering with the performance of the other keyspaces.

Shaurya Gupta