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Re: comprehensive list of checks before rolling version upgrades

To add to your excellent list:

- no topology change (joining/leaving/decommissioning) nodes
- no rebuild of index/MV under way

On Tue, Oct 30, 2018 at 4:35 PM Carl Mueller <carl.mueller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.invalid> wrote:
Does anyone have a pretty comprehensive list of these? Many that I don't currently know how to check but I'm researching...

I've seen:

- verify disk space available for snapshot + sstablerewrite
- gossip state agreement, all nodes are healthy
- schema state agreement
- ability to access all the nodes 
- no repairs, upgradesstables, and cleans underway
- read repair/hinted handoff is not backed up

Other possibles:
- repair state? can we get away with unrepaired data? 
- pending tasks?
- streaming state/tasks?