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Re: Performance impact of using NetworkTopology with 3 node cassandra cluster in One DC

There are two factors in terms of Cassandra that determine what's called network topology: datacenter and rack.

rack - it's not necessarily a physical rack, it's rather a single point of failure. For example, in case of AWS one availability zone is usually chosen to be a Cassandra rack.

datacenter - is a set of racks between which we have good network connection and low latency. Usually for AWS it's a region.

If you use NetworkTopologyStrategy + properly configured snitch, network topology is taken into account during replica placement: there won't be more than 1 replica of a data chunk in a rack. This means that if a whole rack fails (for example AWS AZ goes offline), there are still 2 other replicas online for each chunk of data (in case RF=3) and queries with CL=QUORUM are still working.

In order to avoid data imbalance between all the nodes (which may cause "hot spots" in your cluster = performance impact), all racks should have the same number of nodes with approximately the same capacity.

Also, sometimes CL=QUORUM isn't used correctly and CL=LOCAL_QUORUM should be used instead. There are no differences between the two in case of one DC, but in case of two and more DC's the former leads to cross-DC communication, as majority of all replicas across all DC's should be queried. This obviously leads to increased latencies. The same is true, for example, for ONE vs LOCAL_ONE.

If you take a look at the manual how to add  DC to a cluster you'll all find cautions about QUORUM/LOCAL_QUORUM there during the operation. The reason is when data which is supposed to be in the new DC isn't already there (as streaming is in progress and hasn't completed yet), it will cause blocking read repairs.



From: Murtaza Talwari <mdt_100@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: Performance impact of using NetworkTopology with 3 node cassandra cluster in One DC

We are using 3 node Cassandra cluster in one data center.


For our keyspaces as suggested in best practices we are using NetworkTopology for replication strategy using the GossipingPropertyFileSnitch.

For Read/Write consistency we are using as QUORUM.


In majority of cases when users use NetworkTopology as replication strategy they might have multiple DataCenters configured.

In our case we have only one DataCenter,


  • With that using the NetworkTopology as replication strategy will it cause any performance impact ?
  • As we are using QUORUM as Read/Write consistency which is considering multiple DataCenters, does QUORUM consistency have any performance impact ? is it OK to continue using QUORUM consistency considering future expansions of data centers ?


Please suggest.