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Re: full text search on some text columns

Thanks Jordan,
There would be millions of rows per day, is SASI capable of standing such a rate?

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On Tue, Jul 31, 2018 at 7:45 AM, onmstester onmstester <onmstester@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

I need to do a full text search (like) on one of my clustering keys and one of partition keys (it use text as data type).

For simple LIKE queries on existing columns you could give SASI ( a try without having to stand up a separate piece of software. Its relatively new and isn’t as battle tested as other parts of Cassandra but it has been used in production. There are some performance issues with wider-CQL partitions if you have those ( I hope to address that for 4.0, time permitted. 

Full disclosure, I was one of the original SASI authors.
The input rate is high so only Cassandra could handle it, Is there any open source version project which help using cassandra+ solr or cassandra + elastic?
Any Recommendation on doing this with home-made solutions would be appreciated?

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