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Reaper 1.2 released

Hey folks,

Just wanted to share with the list that after a bit of a long wait, we've released Reaper 1.2.  We have a short blog post here outlining the new features:

With each release we've worked on performance improvements and stability as our primary focus.  We're helping quite a few teams manage repair on hundreds or thousands of nodes with Reaper so first and foremost we need it to work well at that sort of scale :) 

We also recognize the need for features other than repair, which is why we've added support for taking & listing cluster wide snapshots. 

Looking forward, we're planning on adding support for more operations and reporting - we're already got some code to pull thread pool stats and we'd like to expose a lot of table level information as well.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback!
Jon Haddad
Principal Consultant, The Last Pickle