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Cassandra crashes after loading data with sstableloader

I need to clone data from one keyspace to another keyspace.
We do it by taking snapshot of keyspace1 and restoring in keyspace2 using sstableloader.

Suppose we have following table with index on hash column. Table has around 10M rows.
CREATE TABLE message (
 id     uuid,
 messageid     uuid,
 parentid     uuid,
 label     text,
 properties     map<text,text>,
 text1     text,
 text2     text,
 text3     text,
 category     text,
 hash     text,
 info     map<text,text>,
 creationtimestamp     bigint,
 lastupdatedtimestamp     bigint,
 PRIMARY KEY ( (id) )

CREATE  INDEX  ON message ( hash );
Cassandra crashes when i load data using sstableloader. Load is happening correctly but seems that cassandra crashes when its trying to build index on table with huge data.

I have two questions.
1. Is there any better way to clone keyspace?
2. How can i optimize sstableloader to load data and not crash cassandra while building index.