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Re: Jmx_exporter CPU spike

Hi Rahul,

we use prometheus to pull the metrics every 30 secs. cpu is spiking up to 100%. when a qualys scan runs net stat shows 100’s connections from the qualys server. if i don’t have imx_exporter it doesn’t open soma connections.
On Jul 9, 2018, at 12:02 AM, Rahul Singh <rahul.xavier.singh@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

How often are you polling the JMX? How much of a spike are you seeing in CPU?

Rahul Singh

Anant Corporation
On Jul 5, 2018, 2:45 PM -0500, rajpal reddy <rajpalreddy444@xxxxxxxxx>, wrote:

we have Qualys security scan running causing the cpu spike. We are seeing the CPU spike only when Jmx metrics are exposed using Jmx_exporter. tried setting up imx authentication still see cpu spike. if i stop using jmx exporter we don’t see any cpu spike. is there any thing we have to tune to make work with Jmx_exporter?

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