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Re: rebuild on running node

You have just some extra data on those machines where you ran rebuild. Compaction will eventually take care of that. 

Nothing really harmful if you have the disk space available. 


Randy Lynn <rlynn@xxxxxxxxxxxx> kirjoitti 5.7.2018 kello 19.19:

Anyone ever make stupid mistakes? :)

TL/DR: I ran rebuild on a node that is already up and running in an existing data center.. what happens?

This is what I did...
Assume I have DC_syndey and adding DC_sydney_new
But also have a DC_us..

from a node in DC_sydney_new I intended to type
"rebuild -- DC_sydney"

What I actually did was from one of the nodes in DC_us I typed
"rebuild -- DC_sydney

I cancelled the process 
The node in US is showing a increased "load" right now..

What are the consequences?
Should I run rebuild again?
should I run repair?
Or is all OK?

Randy Lynn 

859.963.1616 ext 202
163 East Main Street - Lexington, KY 40507 - USA